10 Best Toddler Books In Hindi

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Quick question.

When was the last time you read a Hindi storybook with/to your child?

Whenever you purchase or borrow a library book for your child, you inadvertently choose books in English. When we watch shows on TV, we opt for English automatically. But when exams come, we realise, our children aren’t fluent in Hindi, as we would have hoped! Has this happened to you?✋

My child’s school teacher shared a nice point with me during the PTM, that I feel would be useful to you all. She said

“For every 5 books that you get your child in English, get one in Hindi/their mother tongue too”.

For starters that looks like a fair ratio, doesn’t it?

We have shared 10 books that we loved reading with our kids in Hindi. The best part with bilingual books, you can read them in English and after your child is comfortable, read it in Hindi so they learn that language too.

Let us know which one is your favourite in the comments below.

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  1. Kahaani Purani

Buy here

2. Patang Ped

Buy here

3. Fakruddin Ka Fridge

Buy here

4. Aalsi Mama

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5. Pamchathantra Ki 101 Kahaniyaan Wonder house books

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6. Dada Dadi Ki Kahniyon Ka Pitara

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7. Gajju Raji Ki Kahaniyaan

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8. Murga Aur Sooraj

9. Chhota Bheej

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10. Chuglubugloo

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