10 Indoor Activities To Engage Children When They Are Unwell

When kids are sick, the house goes silent. Here are 10 activities that will help brighten their mood on such gloomy days and help them stay productive too!
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No humans in this world is as excited and energy-filled like kids. With curious brains holding questions as many as the grains of sand and an imagination we will never wrap our heads around, kids are really a ray of sunshine. But when these rays of sunshine fall sick, it drains their energy and leaves them gloomy and low.

So, How Do We Make Sure They Are Having Fun Even When They Are Sick?

With the energy drain-out, they let their imagination take a back seat and indulge in all the gadgets available in the house. As parents, we don’t like that but can’t help it at the same time. They can’t play out… what else will they do? Well, we have brought you 10 different answers to that question.

Who knew they could be productive even when sick? and that too while having fun!

Here Are 10 Ways You Can Keep Kids Busy Even On Sick Days

1. Learn To Make Slime:

Slime is a gooey mess of fun, laughter and enjoyment! Kids love slime! The best part? It is easy to make! And you don’t need many ingredients. You could watch the many videos on YouTube. They are easy to follow and there are so many options.

2. Fun Crafts:

Craft time is always a good time. Some colourful papers, glue, scissors, colour pencils, paints, KSP craft videos and the result… busy hands and a lot of fun! We have an array of easy DIY’s, creative crafts and so much more! Be sure to check them out.

3. Listen To Some Podcast:

Don’t want your kid to move much and get proper rest? We totally understand! In this case, we have the perfect activity for your kid- podcast time! At KSP, we have our own amazing kids podcast called I Am Not Bored. In this podcast we share byte-sized information and facts about the world in simple and easy to follow language. Every episode is interesting and sure to blow your child’s mind!

4. Kindle:

With our free Kindle Unlimited subscription, your child can glide through as many stories and books as they like. Oh! you don’t have the subscription yet? Well, you surely are missing out! Access our free Kindle Unlimited subscription now!

5. Watch movies:

I know you want to keep them away from screens, but a movie marathon with your child won’t hurt. You could create some good memories and have a fun lazy day with your kids. What movies to watch? We’ve got you covered! With our many movie reccos, you will surely be laughing (or crying) your heart out.

6. Educational Apps:

Maybe you can’t keep them away from their phones, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be wasting time. With these educational apps, they’ll be learning but not in a boring way. In this way, they get their screen time and you get them to feed their minds- a win-win solution!

Here are some educational apps you might like.

7. Story-Telling Time!:

What is the best solution to when your child’s feeling down? It’s the good ol’ story time! But you haven’t got any good stories or can’t think of any? Don’t worry, you have a lot to think about, so leave the stories on us! Access our story-telling course and you will never run out of them stories.

8. Read A Book:

Now, now… I know what you must be thinking, “read a book? If only they turned the index page!” Kids don’t enjoy reading when the books aren’t meant to be read by kids. With our book reccos, you can be rest assured that your kid is reading a book that is written for kids to enjoy. Filled with illustrations, easy language and lots of colours, your kids will surely love our selections! Good News- At KSP Book Club, we give you our favourite titles every week in your mail box!

9. Meditation:

Meditation will help them relax their minds, bodies and most importantly their eyes! Just for a few minutes, if they close their eyes and concentrate on deep breathing, they’ll feel much better! Access our course where your kid will learn some amazing and easy breathing exercises, deep listening and so much more!

10. Creative-Writing:

Kids can write some amazing stories if taught how to. Do you want to see your kid bring their imagination to life? Do you want to get their minds churning with creative thinking? Well, we have just what you need! With our creative writing workshop, your kids will learn how to do just this and so much more. Don’t miss out, access now!

Share this helpful information with your parent circle and help them not run out of ideas to make their child’s day better! Comment your ideas below too!

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