10 Minimalist Hacks That Can Change Your Life

Contrary to what many people believe and think, minimalism is a simple life-changing concept. Here are 10 minimalist hacks to start with!

Before I started this journey and tell you about the minimalist hacks that you can try… here are some thoughts that might come to your mind:

  • Do I need it?
  • Do I own it already?
  • Will it help me be more productive and use what I have better?
  • Is it environment-friendly?

These are some questions I pondered for years. Contrary to what many people believe and think, minimalism is a simple life-changing concept. One can have reasons, both small and big in order to embrace minimalism. 

Gone are the days when everything pretty I set my eyes on I just had to have. I’ve made a new set of rules for myself and it has not only sparked joy in my life but it has made my home a happier place too.

Our external surroundings are often a reflection of our internal state of mind. A cluttered home often leads to a cluttered mind. When our house is in a mess, with chaos all around, our mind too behaves in a similar fashion. It’s like a handbag that has taken a bad fall, and everything inside is a mess.  

These are tips that I have incorporated into my life. What about you?

This is how I did it and by following these simple actionable hacks you can start your minimalism journey too! We would love to know if you found these tips helpful and how they have worked out for you.

  1. Don’t buy cheap substitutes for things that can help increase your productivity
  2. Use a money tracker to analyze your spends
  3. Map your spending to align with your goals for the year
  4. Don’t give in to your impulse to buy immediately
  5. Binge window shop on your favourite app but…
  6. Try & coordinate what you own & what you have bought news
  7. Keep everything visible & organized
  8. Find healthy swaps instead of indulging yourself
  9. Repeating outfits is OK
  10. It’s OK to borrow outfits from friends & family

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