10 Moms You Are Sure To Meet On The School Whatsapp Group!

Whatsapp mom groups may be our lifelines in some cases, but there are enough times when you just want to mute it all. There are different types of Whatsapp mommy. Have a laugh and tell us which group do you see yourself a part of!

School WhatsApp group has become a must for every parent these days. A school WhatsApp group is one of the best tools for parents to stay connected with the rest of the parents in their child’s class and being updated with important school-related information. But more than that, this is one group that keeps buzzing throughout the day with mommy discussions starting right from homework, to school projects, from tiffin recipes to what happened in the class today, from school bus issues to whose spoon is this in my child’s bag? You may not have met all the moms in person but by now you already know a lot about her!

Here are 10 moms you are sure to find on the school WhatsApp group. Tell us which one are you?

1. The “Hey there I’m using WhatsApp” Mom!

Now, this mom is not a big fan of WhatsApp,  has never bothered to change her status message so far, and has joined the school group just because. We doubt if she ever wrote on the group page and envy her for having such strong resistance power to not react when a “hot topic” gets discussed in the group.

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2.The “main hoon na” Mom

The exact opposite of above, with a response rate of 99.99% unless her internet is down. This mom is always reachable on WhatsApp. She is the first one to acknowledge a message with a thumbs-up emoji or to post a reply and the last one to end the topic even if it is past midnight.

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3.The Mom Of Few Words

She is someone who knows the emojis at the back of her hand and not a single text from her goes without using the emoticons, which rest of the members find hard to decode, most of the time.

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4.The abla Mom

Our Indian version of “damsel in distress”, this mom is someone who truly believes that when tension strikes, hit the school WhatsApp group.  So if her kids are not having milk or if she is having “maid issues” she takes it all to the group hoping that other moms will comfort her with some serious advice and useful tips.

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5.The Maa 

She is the creator of the group hence also the group admin and definitely someone who takes her job very seriously. As long as she is the admin you cannot quit the group!

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6.The “Barkha Dutt” of the group 

This mom considers the school WhatsApp group as her own news channel. The day her kid comes back home without finishing the tiffin or if the teacher forgets to sign a note in the diary, she considers it as her duty to discuss all such important issues in detail with everyone on the group.

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7.The Start- up Mom

Every WhatsApp group has this mom who sees the group as an advertising channel. She often posts messages like “one of my friend is selling steel tiffin boxes let me know if anyone interested?” Hi guys,  here is my latest article on stem cells banking, don’t forget to leave your comments at the end ;)) Thanks in advance!”

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8. The Mom on Camera

This mom loves sharing pictures on the group. Any time of the day. It could be pictures of her kids or some other kids that no one on the group can recognise. But everyone on the group loves it when she clicks pictures of teacher’s notes from the school diary to remind them of what they need to send for class tomorrow.

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9. The Mom (Alice) in Wonderland

This mom is always clueless about whatever is happening at school. As soon as she finds a note in the diary, she takes to school WhatsApp group to clarify all her doubts. This mere act gets the group active all of a sudden with 90 plus messages all trying their best to answer questions like “how are you sticking the pictures in the family tree? Do we have to label our child’s book? I found a book in my child’s bag, but I don’t know what to do with it?”

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10. The Woman of the Night’s Watch

This mom is probably someone who is loaded with office work throughout the day, keeps the WhatsApp group on mute but her passion to catch up on all the missed chats is something to be truly admired! She stays up late or makes it a point to scroll up and read each and every chat when the rest of the group members are fast asleep.

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