10 Videos Every Choco Lover Must Watch!

From the house of KSP to fellow choco lovers across the world! Play these videos on a loop to satiate the chocoholic in you!

World Chocolate Day is celebrated across the world on 7th July every year. Chocolate comes in so many flavours – milk, dark and white which are the basic ones most of us are aware of. Added to our desserts, shakes or smoothies, chocolates are an instant mood-lifter. Slurrp! 

Now I know what you are thinking. Chocolate is only for indulgence and is fattening. Well! overdoing anything is bad right? The same thing applies to chocolate. Health experts say that dark chocolate preferably without added sugar is actually good for the heart and is a treasure trove on antioxidants. Now I feel better about reaching for another piece of dark chocolate!

So we’ve put together our best recipe videos that have used chocolate in different ways – made by experts and fellow mommies – for you to watch, make and celebrate World Chocolate Day. Try them out and don’t forget to tag us when you make them. 

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