11 Things That Will Tell Your Kids It’s “Back To School” Time

The new school term has begun. Getting kids back into the school routine can be difficult. These tips should help you pave the way for smoother school mornings.

It is that time of the year when one needs to break away from the freedom and free flow of the holidays and get back to the routine. Time for the alarm clocks to come out and routine to start

Here are some quick tips to make this process a tad bit easy and ensure smoother mornings.

1. Ease your family into the new school year schedule:

The first day of school is not the time for an adjustment of the children’s sleep schedules. Instead, ease children back into a school routine gradually. Begin waking late sleepers earlier and earlier, closer to the hour they'll need to rise when school begins.

2. Create a Central Calendar:

Put out in a central place everyone’s schedule, scheduled holidays, classes, birthday and events to attend. The staff, other family members and kids should be able to access this information easily.

3. Plan your shopping after a stock check:

Take a stock check on all the school supplies, hair bands, shoes, socks, snack boxes, water bottles and everything else that one uses up during the school session. Also, discard whatever is worn out and not going to be used in the coming academic year.

4. Stock up on school supplies:

Buy whatever is missing from your stock and of course have a few extras as kids tend to lose items often.

5. Label everything:

From their books to water bottles, shoes, snack boxes make sure you label everything to make things simple. 

6. Organise and declutter clothing:

Let go of clothes that have worn out, gone smaller and clothing that’s no longer being used. Take an inventory of what they would need and shop only what is required.

7. Find a place to store all of the school stuff:

All of us, especially children, function best when there are order and systems that are easy to follow. Create a spot for their bags, artwork, extra supplies, stationery, notebooks, uniforms. Have a defined place where each item goes in. This will not only ensure that they know where to put their belongings but also they can find things easily without much help.

8. Empty their pinboard:

 Create space to put up new timetables and artwork that would come their way in the new term

9. Meal plan:

This will be your biggest saviour in managing crazy mornings. Brainstorm breakfast, healthy lunch and snack ideas and stock up on the supplies you’ll need to make them. Whether you’re packing a lunch or not, it’s always good to have a supply of healthy eating options on hand that will work with your family’s schedule. Having food ideas organized will be a big stress-reducer.

10. Get that haircut:

Nothing like a nice haircut to end the long summer break. Make sure you get it done to give the kids a new feel before school reopens. 

11. End the holiday by making a family scrapbook:

This is something the whole family can do together and have fun doing. Put down your families best of memories in the form of art, pictures, small notes into a scarp book that is easy to store and can be treasured.

Most importantly, enjoy the season. Back to school time is full of new beginnings and excitement. Enjoy the anticipation and celebrate the season while.

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