11 Things You Will Get ONLY If You Are A Gujju Parent Who Grew Up In The ’80s

Image Source: www.pinterest.comMeaning: Laziest person around. Image Source: www.ahmedabaddjsclub3.When you receive multiple requests from your child’s friends to pack these in the dabba every day. When you have truck loads of work at home and your kids are out with friendsImage Source: garvigujarati.comMeaning: You just loiter around the whole day! Image source:www.buzzfact.co.inMeaning: Know of any girl who stays in New York for my son?

You can zero in on an Indian mom anywhere – yes, even in a room full of women from all over the world. We Indian moms are obsessed with our children, our husbands and our domestic help. We break out into an exaggerated sweat when our child misses a meal, and dive into an emotional drama when our domestic help takes leave without notice. It is safe to say we are a class apart.

But wait, before you generalise, we would like to go regional. Ever wondered what sets a Gujarati mom apart? If you grew up in 80s and 90s India you will identify with so many of these! We list 11 subtle ways you can identify a true blue Gujju mom!

Here are 11 signs to show you are true blue Gujju parent!

1.When after 5 failed wake up calls, you barge into your child’s room saying this.

Image Source: www.pinterest.com

Meaning: Laziest person around.

2.When enrolling your children in a garba class takes precedence over any other after school classes during Navratri and you just can’t keep your enthusiasm in control when you hear this song. 

sanedo for gujarati moms
Image Source: www.ahmedabaddjsclub

3.When you receive multiple requests from your child’s friends to pack these in the dabba every day.

gujju mom_kidsstoppress
Image Source: www.jobaka.in

4. When your children refuse to listen to your lecture on keeping the room tidy, you say…

gujju mom_kidsstoppress 1
Image Source: www.cdn.meme.am

Meaning: Go to hell!

5. Your favourite left over rice recipe

gujju mom 6_kidsstoppress
Image source: www.youtube.com

6. Chaas is our beer.
buttermilk_you know you are a gujju when..._kidsstoppress
Image Source :www.wikipiedia.com

6. When  you have truck loads of work at home and your kids are out with friends

gujju mom kidsstoppress
Image Source: garvigujarati.com

Meaning:  You just loiter around the whole day!

7. Your state of mind,when your children are at your mom’s house.

gujju mom 6_kidsstoppress
Image source: www.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk

8. Your advise to your son when he doesn’t get admission in his dream school in India.

gujju mom 5_kidsstoppress
Image Source:www.pbs.twimg.com

9. Your search for the perfect bahu ends here.

gujju mom 5 _kidsstoppress
Image source:www.buzzfact.co.in

Meaning: Know of any girl who stays in New York for my son?

10. When you feel privileged and blessed on receiving this gift.

gujju mom 4_kidsstoppress
Image Source:www.beingindian.com

11. When this occupies as much space in your suitcase as the number of clothes you pack.

Thepla-food even non-gujjus carry

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