16-Year-Old Tops CBSE Exams After Parents Died Of COVID-19

“Himmat Rakhna,” Parents Said To Vanisha Patthak Before They Died Of Covid. She Topped Exams.

"Himmat Rakhna," Parents Said To Vanisha Patthak Before They Died Of Covid. She Topped Exams.

"The last thing my mother said to me was 'believe in yourself… we will back soon'. My father said 'beta, himmat rakhna' (stay strong, my child)," Vanisha Pathak said. Nobody, ever thought she would have picked herself up, and made her parents proud.

Vanisha Pathak of Madhya Pradesh's Bhopal scored 100 in her English, Sanskrit, Science and Social Science Class X CBSE exams, and 97 in Mathematics. This is an incredible achievement for any student, but this particular one is impressive because the 16-year-old girl took matters into her own hands, and performed when her parents just passed away to COVID-19 in May.

The memory of her parents, their dreams, kept her motivated. She couldn't let her guard down because she has a younger brother who is only 10 and she is the only one left in the family.

Ms. Pathak's father – Jeetendra Kumar Pathak – was a financial advisor, and her mother, Dr. Seema Pathak – was a teacher at a government school. "My father wanted to see me in IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) or crack the UPSC and serve the nation. His dream is my dream now," she said.

This child is making the headlines for her grit and motivation- something that we must all learn from. Amidst all the complaints and cribbing that we did during the pandemic, because our lifestyle was disrupted, stories like these are a hard-hitting reality and a motivation to get going and march on in our life. Kudos Vanshika! 

Here is the poem the young girl wrote for her parents- that will move you to tears.


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