2 Indian Recipes You Need To Try In The Air Fryer Today!

Invested in an air fryer and don’t know how to use it besides heating frozen snacks? Reethika Singh shares 2 tasty recipes that are normally deep-fried. She tells you how to ace that taste and the look with minimal oil and using an air fryer.

Did you know an air fryer cooks about 25% faster (or more in some cases) faster than the normal oven?

You know technology is working in your favour when you can have potato fries, kurkure bhindi and fried chicken without the guilt of them being fried. The air fryer works like an oven as it can roast, bake and air-fry your food and requires just 2 tablespoons of oil to cook food properly. Less oil is healthy! isn’t it? 

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I have shared 2 recipes that people normally love deep-fried. My version tastes good, is healthy and you don’t need to sweat it out slaving over the hot kitchen gas. 

Scroll down to get the recipes

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