2 Recipes That You Can Make When You Have 15 Minutes To Cook

Try these 2 yummy recipes by Chef Ginee and don’t forget to tag us when you do!

We are always trying to find new and interesting recipes that can make the kids smile and put everyone in a good mood when they sit down to eat. Eating food that makes you happy is so important I feel! Today I am sharing 2 recipes with you that will guarantee that!.

For years now macaroni and cheese have been the kids’ all-time favourite, delicious, no brainer kinda dish. In a lot of cases, I know even adults relish this form of pasta. I can tell you a little secret, I enjoy it too!!

Here’s a very simple, classic yet delish recipe for the same in bechamel sauce and another variant to this is given below as well. Even kids can cook it effortlessly.

Macaroni in Bechamel Sauce & Cheese  

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