2 Recipes To Sneak Greens Into Your Toddler’s Diet

Getting kids to eat vegetables without a fuss is so difficult. But as moms, we always have a few tricks up our sleeve. Today we’re going to see what we can do with spinach. This green vegetable is a powerhouse of good health. These 2 simple recipes are perfect to get your family to gobble up their greens.

Getting my kids (and husband) to eat greens is a task and I know there are lots of moms who totally agree with me about this. Picky eaters are difficult to manage for sure. So I have to innovate in the kitchen from time to time. One of my favourite greens to add to my meal plan is spinach aka palak.

Spinach is a wonderful veggie, one you can use in numerous ways. It is abundant in flavonoids that keep cholesterol from oxidizing, and so they protect your body from free radicals. Spinach is also rich in magnesium, calcium and vitamins A and C, fibre & folic acid. It is considered a healthy brain food as well so adding to your kids’ meals is a great idea.

So let’s see how we cook this tasty nutritious vegetable in different ways.


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