20% Discount On The 50 Indian Meal Plans Book ( For Limited Time Only)

We love that you love our meal plans every week. Which is why we want to make you feel special. All meal plan members can avail of a 20% discount if you buy the 50 Indian Meal Plans book. Swipe left to get the discount link.

This pandemic feels like we're all being forced to run a race where the finish line keeps getting moved farther and farther out.â_x0081_  We have cooked countless meals, and I know many of you are feeling the burnout. I know I am. We have no idea how much longer we'll be running.

We all have so many hopes and anxieties tied up in what we eat and cook, many of us make meal planning more complicated than it needs to be. But I believe that the best meal plan and meal planning process is simply the one you'll use and the one that you'll stick to. Fill your plan with meals that are simple & healthy to make and you're excited to eat. 

To eat healthy, eat foods that are local to your region and are in season Eating local, seasonal and traditional foods can ensure diversity in your diet and make sure you get optimum nutrition. We want our kids to develop a palate that will help them eat everything offered to them and they should like to try new things. (Makes life so much easier too) #NutritionWeek

Week after week I make a meal plan that comes to your inbox. We love that you love our meal plans. Which is why we want to do something for our meal plan subscribers. You have all heard me talking about the 50 Indian Meal Plans book again and again. This is your chance to get your hands on it.

We are giving all our Meal Plan members a 20% discount on the 50 Indian Meal Plans book.

The book has

  • 50 meal plans
  • 250 bus snack ideas and 250 school snack ideas
  • Options to work around special/restrictive dietary needs
  • How to become a grocery-shopping ninja and never go to the store without a genius plan in place
  • Recipes so that you don't have to search and waste more time
  • Tips on how you can prep ahead and save time

You can gift the book to a friend and believe they will thank you! You can really help simplify their lives.  Armed with this book you (and they) can say goodbye to 5 PM ‘what do I cook today’ panic. If you want to share this with someone, please send them this meal plan newsletter link.

Scroll down to get access to the discount link along with the meal plan for this week

You grocery basket for this week looks something like this


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