2019 | Unboxing iPad Air + AR Apps For Kids

The recently launched iPad 10.5 Air is a good investment and an educational tool for your kids. Technology plays a big role in education today and apps like Plantale are just what you need to get your child more curious. This interactive and interesting app will take you and your children on a journey of a plant’s life. Tune in and find out how this AR makes the germination process so real.

Don't we often find ourselves talking about how our children are addicted to gadgets in a negative manner? But don't you think that it is the way forward in today's world? Technology, under your supervision, can teach them a lot too. In fact, it could become that educational tool that would make everything look fun and interesting. 

If you love technology just the way I do, then you must have heard about the launch of the Apple iPad Air 10.5 recently. We are very excited about the pencil stylus that comes with it. 

As mentioned earlier, technology plays a big role in education today and apps like Plantale has totally blown my children and me away. This interactive app will take you through the journey of a plant's life. The step-by-step process and the AR makes the germination process so interesting and real. If only science had been taught to us the same way.

Tune in and find out everything about why you should be crushing over this iPad and how you could make children fall in love with science through technology. 

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