2019’s Most Popular Traditional Indian Baby Boy Names

The year’s most popular names for your baby boy- which one is your favourite?

Aksh – is an Indian name for boys meaning a chariot with thousand horses.

Abhyudaya – this name means sunrise, prosperity and happiness.  

Aditya – a popular Indian name that is means the Sun. 

Advik – a popular Hindu name that means 'unique'.

Agastya – popular after the famous Hindu sage of the ancient names. It means 'one who humbles even the mountains' 

Atharv – the name of a popular Veda and is one of the names of Lord Ganesha. 

Arnav – a popular name among NRI parents, this name means the ocean. 

Aaryan – denoting the race- this name is popular in India meaning noble and spiritual. 

Aayan – means the rays of the rising sun or the gift of God.

Arjun – a popular name from the hero of the Mahabharata, this name is common in India. 

Avyaan – a name originating in Sanskrit, this means one who is perfect and is one of the names of Lord Ganesha.

Anahad – this name means one who isn't defined by limits or boundaries. 

Artham – According to the Hindu mythology, this name denotes the golden lotus on the forehead of Lord Vishnu that symbolises fortune. 

Aarush – A name that is widely popular among Hindus, this name means bright- like the first rays of the Sun. 

Arham – a popular name among Jains as well as Muslims. Broadly means one who is merciful. 

Advait – a popular name in Hindi, this name means one who is unique and has no parallels. 


Bhargav – a name that is common among Jains and Hindus, this is one of the names of Lord Shiva. 

Bhardhwaj – of Sanskrit origin, named after the Hindu sage, this is a popular name in India.  

Daksh – refers to the son of Lord Brahma in Hindu mythology. 

Devansh – a popular Hindu name, means a part of God himself. 

Darsh – Another name for Lord Krishna, denotes one who has positive vibes

Dev – Meaning God, the name says it all!

Dhruv – a popular name among NRI parents- after Lord Vishnu. 

Eklavya – One of Dronacharya's most ardent disciples who made it popular for his devotion to his Guru. 

Hrig – stands for compassion, creativity, reliability, generosity, loyalty and a love for life. 

Ivyaan – one of the names of Lord Vishnu. 

Jaksh – means God's Gift. Is also one of the names of Lord Kuber- the god of wealth. 

Kabir – One of the top-ranked names of Indians in the US, this name symbolises one who is magnificent. 

Kavish – One of the names of Lord Ganesha- means the king of poets. 

Kushal – A name of Lord Shiva, this Sanskrit origin name means an expert.

Kaushik – Another name for Lord Shiva, this name is popular after the famous sage. Symbolises love and affection. 


Madhavan – Common among South Indians, this is one of the names of Lord Krishna- refers to one who is sweet-natured.


Nakul – Of Sanskrit origin, this is the name of the 4th Pandava.

Nachiketa – Symbolises fire, this is the name of an ancient Rishi. 

Nikunj – means a garden and is named after Lord Krishna. Popular among Hindus and Jains.  


Om – Originating from Sanskrit, this is one of the most popular and ancient Hindu names. 


Prathmesh – A popular name in Bengali and Punjabi cultures, named after Lord Ganesha. 

Pranav – a name that is said to symbolise the confluence of Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma. 

Parth – from Hindu mythology, where Arjuna is named as Parth- meaning someone who doesn't miss his target. 


Rudra – Named after Lord Shiva, Rudra means someone with great power.

Rishab –  means The Musical Note Re, Morality, Superior.


Shiven – one of the variants of the name of Lord Shiva. 

Suhas –  refers to joy and laughter. 

Sarthak – popular in Gujarati, Bengali, and Marathi cultures this name means a successful accomplishment of any task. 

Saransh – translates to a summary- a common name among Hindus. 

Shaurya – This name is often associated with bravery, heroism and valour.

Shlok – This Sanskrit name denotes a rhymed and metered phrase or poetic verse. It can even mean song.

Siddharth – Named after Lord Buddha, this name means someone who has accomplished his goal.

Shivansh – A popular name that denotes a part of Lord Shiva. 

Shivam – refers to Lord Shiva. 

Smayan – an Indian origin name that means smile and joy. 

Spandan – means heartbeat and one who is beautiful and composed. 

Satya – means truth, this is a common name for boys and girls in India.

Tanish – means ambition and is a popular Hindu name. 


Vishvas – means faith and is a common name in India. 

Viraaj –  another name for Agni and Buddha means someone who is resplendent. 

Ved – named after the holy scriptures, this means someone who is knowledgeable.

Vivek – a common name in South and North India, refers to someone who is intelligent.


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Disclaimer: Names listed here are sourced from recommendations. please do your own research before you make your choice.

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