21st Century Skills Don’t Only Require Test Taking Skills

Kunal Dalal, the Managing Director of JBCN talks to us about 21st-century learning skills. He starts by talking about what the IB curriculum is all about and why he thinks one should opt for it. Tune in find out why he thinks results are not the most important, how to give a holistic approach to education and why content vs. concept is important for the coming generaiton.

Picking the right school has always been difficult. But today, in the 21st century, picking the right curriculum for your child can get extremely confusing too. The only thought that runs through everybody’s mind is that, “Should I opt for the age-old traditional method of learning – the Indian board or should I opt for an International board like IB or IGCSE.” “Are we opting for IB because it is a fad but know nothing about?”

We loved every bit Kunal Dalal, the Managing Director of JBCN had to say and I just knew that this is what I want for my kids. He talks to us about 21st-century learning skills and what the IB curriculum is all about. He talks to us about how a school should work on a child in a holistic manner and apart from the syllabus it should also work on the personality, development and personal growth of the child. He mentions the benefits of the IB curriculum and how it has a mix of everything from TOK, CAS to content vs. concept learning. 

Listen to this podcast and you will know how the IB Curriculum can push your child to be a life long learnerwhich is the most important. 

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