4 Quick & Easy Lunch Recipes For The Indian Family

Aren’t we all looking for simple but wholesome meals for those rushed days? Natasha Minocha of Tashasartisanfoods shares her family’s favourite lunch recipes. Try them out!

Lunch is my favourite meal of the day – it gives me a minute to catch my breath in the middle of a busy day and recharge with a hearty meal. When I’ve got the kids at home, I like to opt for lunches that are as quick and fun as possible. What’s tricky is finding recipes that everyone does not get bored of! 

With the number of vacation days approaching us, these are lunches I highly recommend. Each one of them exemplifies “less is more”, which I find ideal for satisfying fussy eaters. 

The lunches that I end up repeating are classics like parathas, dosas, or noodles which can be made different every time with a couple of variations; be it a quick new chutney or easy sauce.

The 4 recipes I am sharing here are versatile and so very delicious!

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