5 Best White Noise Apps That Help Your Baby Sleep Better (And You Too!)

Know more about the concept of white noise and why it is imperative for your newborn to sleep well.
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If only I had heard of these lifesavers when I had my baby! Nights were an ordeal, and my little nocturnal bundle of joy just knew how to keep us awake through the night. I had almost tried everything- swaddling, feeding multiple times, singing- none worked. Dark circles and an agitated me were all that came through of those efforts. Luckily, by the time, my sister had a baby, I had turned wiser and knew more about the concept of white noise and why it is imperative for your newborn to sleep well. For those who don’t know what all the fuss is about- you need to scroll down and read this.

Why White Noise Is Essential:

White noise is technically defined as a random signal generated when different frequencies that we can perceive are put together at equal intensity. In short- it is the noise you will hear when there is no transmission in your television or radio.

A research report on the intrauterine sound levels concludes that the sound levels are higher than expected and to the levels of 72-88dB. Read that report here . And in case you have no idea what that means, sample this- your regular dishwasher makes a noise that is on an average between 55-70 dB and a whistling kettle is around 80dB. So your newborn actually needs a lot of noise around them (even when they sleep) to feel secure and comfortable as they did the previous 9 months. Of course, exposing them to the right levels of white noise and the right apps/gadgets that provide them is crucial in helping your baby sleep well, cry less and de-stress (yes- babies get stressed too!)

Here, we tell you the 5 best apps in the market you need to know of- to have peaceful nights and relaxed mornings with your baby!

1. Relax Melodies

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Image source: appadvice.com

This one is aimed and kids and adults alike. For those who find getting a good night’s sleep is tough- you need to give this app a shot. Choose from a list of relaxing sounds or customise one to suit your needs and you are assured of a good night’s sleep. This app has everything from yoga and best practices in meditation to the customisable white noise sounds for babies. Download from Playstore and AppStore.

2. White Noise Free

sleep apps for babies

With more than 40 sounds included, this is the app that helps cure adults of migraine and headaches in addition to helping your newborn have a peaceful night’s sleep. You can mix the various sounds that work like a charm with you and the kids and can share your creation in the White Noise Market. In addition to the comforting white noise, this app also gives you great options to choose from like ocean waves crashing, to rainstorms, and blowing wind. Download from Playstore and AppStore.

3. Chroma Doze

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Image source: androidappstorm

Fourier analysis to the rescue! Create your own sound spectrum with varying wavelengths and other customisable options that will, in turn, generate a white noise you would love listening to as you drift away to deep sleep. The ability to create your own sounds and play them with no interruptions or ads in between is what makes this app very popular. Download from Playstore.

4. Sound Sleeper

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An app that you can use for your child not just to help them sleep well but also helps you track their sleep pattern. Once the child is deep in sleep and you hear a sudden shrill cry, the app comes to the rescue by automatically playing your child’s soothing sounds in the “Listen Mode”. The best part you can choose the desired sound for your newborn from a variety of sounds such as Hair Dryer, Vaccum cleaner and lots more! Download from Playstore and App Store.

5. Sleep Pillow

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Image source: 148apps.com

An app that claims to be “the app that puts the world to sleep”. The relaxing sounds help you fall asleep in a cyclical sleep pattern. You don’t have to worry about your screen light being turned on through the night next to your baby as this app is designed to run even when the screen is dark or while the device is locked. The various sounds and the mixing options with timer options will help your child get a good night’s sleep. Download from Playstore and App Store

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