5 Books Your Kids Should Read This Week (0-3 Years)

Here’s a list of 5 books we recommend you should get for your child to start with.

We are raising our children in the world of gadgets, hence we need to put in a lot of effort to raise readers. Research shows that reading to children and discussing the book as you read is the single best way to increase your child’s IQ. That's not just because you're helping your child develop reading comprehension, you're also nurturing a deep love of reading. And when children love to read, they choose to read independently, become better readers, score higher on achievement tests in all subject areas, and have greater content knowledge than those who don't.

So how can parents help? 

  • You need to ONLY buy books that are age-appropriate.
  • Always go for tried and tested books that kids love and parents share.
  • Start young and make it a habit.

And many other tips suggested before. We share an exhaustive list that you can shop book from in our reading bundle from KSP Summer Fun Factory. 

Here's a list of 5 books we recommend you should get for your child to start with.


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On Summer Fun Factory we have curated book lists by our editors for kids from 0-10. Plus a course by Mansi on how to raise young bookworms. You can access the individual links here or sign up for SFF Premium to access them all.(40+ kids' bundles). Not just books, we have bundles on math, science, storytelling, arts and crafts and motor skills and lots more. 

Raising Young Readers- Exclusive Webinar: https://bit.ly/ParentsMistakesForKidsReading

To help you raise a feminist next-gen: https://bit.ly/RaiseStrongerGirls

Age-wise reading list for your kids:


0-12 months: https://kidsstoppress.com/v1/bundle-individual/27

1-2 years:  https://kidsstoppress.com/v1/bundle-individual/23

2-4 years: https://bit.ly/2to4Reading

4-6 years: https://bit.ly/4to6Reading

6-8 years: https://bit.ly/6to8Reading

8+ years: https://bit.ly/8PlusReading

Doman Method to help your child read better- https://kidsstoppress.com/v1/bundle-individual/61

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