5 DIYs That’ll Keep Your Toddler Busy On A Boring Afternoon!

Feeling lazy and bored? Does the internet have nothing interesting to offer? Well, these 5 DIYs will offer interesting art, creativity and a lot of fun!
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This is a very wierd time as the rains come to an end and the cold season is just going to begin. It’s that cozy and lazy atmosphere where you (and especially the kids) don’t feel like going out or doing anything. And the afternoons get really boring, you’ve finished your chores, lunch and now what? You and the kids can’t keep scrolling through the net forever right?

How about some craft? “Oh, but you need to get the articles and see these huge videos…”

No, not for these! We have put out so much of content on simple and easy crafts and DIYs that are quick and don’t need you to buy anything. Just rab the things you already have and get crazy with creativity!

Do Your Kids Love Arts & Crafts, But You Have Run Out of Ideas?

Well-well, we have just what you need and what your kids will love! Beside the dozens of other amazing Kids Courses that we have, we have many on Arts & Crafts too! You should definitely check it out.

Now, we have complied 5 easy and simple DIYs that you and the kids will enjoy:

  • They don’t need a lot of articles.
  • You don’t need to buy anything.
  • They are simple and quick.
  • Your kids have the most participation.
  • Screentime- No… Fun time- Yes!
  • Instuctions are easy to follow.
  • Eco-friendly crafts, so you can also teach your kids about sustainability.

Here Are 5 DIYs You Will Love:

Cute Tissue Bunnies:

Some super cute bunnies that look so adorable and super-super quick to make? Yes please!

Blomming Flowers:

This is honestly satisfying to watch! Ya’ll can make a bunch of flowers and then see them bloom. I know the kids will be absolutely fascinated but so will you.

Best-Out-Of-Waste Fidget Spinner:

The best art is when we can create it out of things that are considered waste. With this DIY, you can teach your kids about sustainability, re-cycling and how not everything is waste.

Nature Water Colour Spray Art:

Funky and yet so beautiful right? I can already see you and your child having a match to see who can spray the fastest.

Rainbow Bird:

This is a simple and really creative DIY. Ya’ll can make 4-5 birds and then hang it up in their rooms or play room. Won;t it make for some cool decor?

Want some more simple, beautiful and fun craft and DIY ideas? Follow our Instagram or check out our website. You will find so much more! Plus we keep putting out new ideas, so don’t miss out.

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