5 Months After My Baby I Had A Brain Haemorrhage

Author : KSP Team

I remember how my world changed, for the better after I gave birth! Yes – I did complain about the sleepless nights. The pain in my back. The struggles that come with motherhood. But don’t you think we the easy delivery, and the easy journey for granted?

Today, I wonder, how many hours have I spent complaining, whining, comparing, binge-watching shows, putting those travel plans on the back burner, talking negative to yourself, postponing meeting your parents, not playing with your kids to only know that a fraction of a second will change all of this for you forever?

At Kidsstoppress, our aim is to share stories to empower you as an individual, as a parent, and as a human being. To make every moment the one that you love, cherish, and make the most of.

Mansi Zaveri the founder of Kidsstoppress.com, and Stuti Jhawar had this beautiful conversation. 

  • She speaks about her normal pregnancy, but the brain haemorrhage after 
  • Her state after she was out of the coma 
  • Her rehab treatment 
  • How she is raising her child as a single mother 

And more… 

Her story gives us goosebumps but also gives us courage, hope, and love, and respect for this life that we are blessed with. Watch the full video on our YouTube channel. 

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