5 Podcasts To Add To Your Playlist

Here are 5 podcasts I recommend – this no-barred conversation is real, candid, and inspirational. Must listen for every parent. 

What I started as a medium of supplement to my reading while I was out and about became a fabulous way to learn and connect. Podcasts were a great way to broaden my perspective about topics that I love. I thought, why not use this medium to spread the word about parenting and simplifying it for ourselves.

I love podcasts because I love the stories I share and how they shape me as an individual. When you hear inspiring stories, you start thinking differently, you think of solutions/options for your problems that were right in front of you but you never thought of that direction. Podcasts have taught me to listen, to be empathetic, it has to taught me to be present in each moment and create magical stories, it has also taught me to face rejection, or learn that no one is beyond bounds. Most importantly, it has taught me to think 360 and think beyond mediums.

Here are 5 podcasts I recommend – this no-barred conversation is real, candid, and inspirational. Must listen for every parent.

P.S We have a podcast for kids where we share fun facts about various topics with your children and Raising Parents on Jio Saavn – a parenting podcast.

Tahira Kashyap – Motherhood, Being An Author & Learnings From Battling Cancer


You may never get used to the fast pace of having kids in your life while trying to work, or following your own life’s purpose and passions.  But…you can become a Zen parent – just like Tahira Kashyap.Tahira Kahsyap is. She is an author, mom of 2, star wife, and just battled with cancer. 

She stumped us when we spoke to her about her journey of being a star wife, about her career, her learnings through her struggles during cancer, and about values she learned from her dad. It didn’t only touch our heart but would love to spread this inspiration so that parents know – they are the best for their children.

Karan Johar – On Being A Parent To Yash and Roohi 

For the first time ever, Karan Johar spoke to us about his childhood and what he dealt with. But through it, all his parents always encouraged him. He also talked to us the unconditional love his kids Yash and Roohi share with him, the pure unfiltered love he experiences, the immense support his mother provides and the importance of mental health.

We couldn’t agree more. So if you want to know about Karan Johar’s relationship what his kids, his parenting style or what are the values which are non-negotiable to him as a parent, listen to the podcast and stay tuned for more such fun interviews with celebrity parents

Rohini Nilekani – On How To Raise A Reader

Rohini Nilekani talks to us about children exploring themselves through books because it is an important 21st century skill. She talks to us about how it is important to start reading to our chid in the womb itself, to make sure each gift is a book, on making sure your child is reader, even if you are not one, teach life lessons through books and focus on vocabulary.

Rohini Nilekani talks to us about how parenting is so different in the 1960s. Now, in 2020 – do you agree we worry too much? We research and ask parents for the best reocmmended books, toys and everything we invest in. Rohini Nilekani is a grandmom and today, she urgest parents to make sure your children have values and parents make sure their kids are curious, commited. We as parent need to ensure they undertand that all of us need to create a society we can live in.

Fatema Agarkar – Is Online Schooling The New Normal For Kids

We are facing a world crisis and the many changes in our lives can get overwhelming. Each day is a new day and feeling anxious is the new normal.  So the next question is – how do we expect our children to adapt to online learning so quickly or for schools to adapt to this form of learning without any glitches so quickly.

We spoke to Fatema Agarkar, an educationist and she talks to us about the impact of online learning on kids and how parents fill the gap. She talks about routines being all over the place, and how children need more emotional support from parents than only online learning. On early childhood learning (that is kids under 6 years old) don’t need online learning. She urges parents to focus more on reading, life-skills, introduce another language, and more.

Andre Agassi – On Parenting & Education 

When you think of Andre Agassi you think of the sharp forehands and unbeatable victories! His personality on the court and his success is something everyone was in awe of. Even today, he is hitting it hard with a string of investments in education and sports-related startups.

Andre Agassi talks to us about life, parenting and what he thinks about education. We see humility, commitment, and power when he talks to us. Tune in and watch Andre Agassi talk to us about his commitment towards education, why it is so important to him and about the 85 schools under his Charter School Facility Fund and about Square Panda.

We hope this list is helpful, and don’t forget to check all our podcasts on Kidsstoppress and Jio Saavn.

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