5 Popular Courses On SFF For The Child Who Loves To Read

So which bundle are you choosing for your kids today? Tell us in the comments below. 

You are doing everything in your limitation as a parent to help raise a child who loves to read. You set screen time limits. You buy the books that come as top rated on Google or Amazon. You have got your kids a big bookshelf to inspire them to read more and stock it to the brim. So far, reads fine. 

But this doesn't guarantee success. Always. You know that by now! 

This is not a very uncommon situation in many households. The younger lots tend to favour toys and the older kids are happy in their gadgets than picking up a book. Why is this so? Since when did reading become a chore and not a pleasant habit, you wonder! And sometimes it is only a passing phase. Hang in there, parents!

In this video, we list 5 common mistakes we inadvertently make in our journey to raise young readers. 



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So which bundle are you choosing for your kids today? Tell us in the comments below. 

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