5 Reasons Why Mansi Zaveri Loves Podcasts (Includes Reccos For Kids & Parents)

Tune in to know which podcasts are Mansi Zaveri’s favourites for kids and parents! Believe me, once you know why she loves podcasts, you will be as addicted to listening to podcasts as reading!

Whoever has been following me knows that I am a podcast junkie. I will admit that I listen to podcasts at 1.5 times speed because the moment I realized I could absorb the same amount of content in less time, there was no going back.

I am not saying I am great at multitasking, but podcasts are the best when you are trying to multitask. I listen to podcasts while I’m running, commuting, cooking, cleaning, driving—because it’s an opportunity to learn something new, catch up on current events, or laugh when my only other option would be music or silence. In fact, I have so many pending podcasts that are downloaded on myphone as we speak but I am going to share podcasts that I love for kids and parents below.  

So here’s why I listen to podcasts:

1. Podcasts are accessilble

2. Podcasts make you a better listener

3. Podcasts allows you to multitask.

Tune in to know why you should be hooked on to podcasts, how you are going to be a better listener!

P.S You are going to love the recommedations. 

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