5 Things I Did At Work That Helped Me Save Time

If you are someone struggling to get things ticked off their to-do-list or a mum who is always starved for time, these hacks will help you ace it! We want you to succeed and know how your journey is going. So don’t forget to tag us and talk to us in the comments below when you try out these things and manage to get all your ducks in a row!

Planning Your Day Isn’t As Tough As You Imagine It To Be

Well begun is half done, they say. Over the years of running a business, managing a team, and fuelling my passion while retaining my sanity, I can only agree emphatically. My morning routine, which I share daily on @kidsstoppress is not something just to tell others what I do, but serves as an accountability factor for me to do what I do best!

Thanks to a steady habit over the years and productivity books I have devoured and others, I realised taking time out to plan my day isn’t time wasted but time invested.

In this exclusive, I share what I practise (and swear by!)- on batching, effectively managing to-do lists and identifying your productive slot of the day.

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