5 Ways To Encourage Your Kids To Speak Their Mother Tongue

Is your child proficient in his/her mother tongue? Here’s how you can make sure your kids learn a new language as well as help them stay connected to their roots.

With English taking dominance in today’s modern world, our children often fail to learn their mother tongue. Also, in Indian households, with grandparents around with the children, they should definitely adapt to the second language or their mother tongue, as it gives a homely feeling. Not to forget when they speak in their native language, they also understand the traditions and customs of their family in depth. 

They know the importance of a language other than English, which is anyway obligatory in the schools nowadays. Young children are like clay, the way you mould them, they will take the shape; considering their aspirations as well. So why not imbibe a good quality and start teaching your mother tongue. 

 Hence, here are a few tips on how you can introduce your mother tongue to the kids. Scroll down and try these tips today! 


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