5 Ways To Tidy Your Kids Toys That Marie Kondo Would Approve Of

So how do you sort through the toys? And more importantly, how do you do it in a way, that helps you maintain your sanity and not get overwhelmed?! Marie Kondo’s tips come in handy!

There comes a time in every parent's life when they stand in their kids' bedroom looking at the vast, unending pile of toys and simply wondering, "When did we lose the plot?" With merchandise available for every small thing our kids are into these days, it isn't difficult to accumulate vast quantities of toys. There are the learning toys, the stuffed toys, the battery operated toys, the figurines, the matchbox cars and so much more! 

So how do you sort through the toys? And more importantly, how do you do it in a way, that helps you maintain your sanity and not get overwhelmed?!

We have 5 ways in which you can organise your toys that Marie Kondo– bestselling author and organising consultant who's considered the expert when it comes to decluttering — would approve. Her now world-famous KonMari method is winning the hearts of people across the globe, that help them decide how to declutter and remove unnecessary things and stuff from their life. From folding clothes to stacking papers to re-arranging your wardrobe, trust us, there is a right way of doing it. 

Here's what the world's watching on Netflix that's got Marie Kondo's name being discussed in every household. 

Now here are 5 simple ways in which you can re-arrange your child's toys and make your homes more presentable (and regain your sanity!). Scroll down to see the list that Marie Kondo approves of and bring the change to your life today! 


1. Bring them all to one place:

The biggest mistake we make when decluttering or tidying up a place is to start cleaning every room. Which is not what Marie Kondo recommends. Go by category, not location, she says. When it comes to toys, it is no secret that every room in the house- big or small is going to house that one-legged Barbie or the secret stash of LEGO or the torn flashcards. Bring them all to one place and start only after that. It might sound like a huge task, but it was found to be efficient and time-saving than tidying up every single room. 

2.. Toys that 'spark joy'

This has always been the central point in the KonMari method proposed by Marie Kondo. Retain things that spark joy and happiness to you and remove anything else that doesn't, she says. When you are decluttering your child's toys- if they are old enough, make sure you ask them their opinion. Sometimes, a costly toy that you got them for a special occasion might not be that 'special' to them anymore. 

3. Retain toys that encourage open-ended play:

While toys that are just meant for fun and play are great when it's time to choose always go for the ones that offer open-ended play to the kids. Ones that are more of an educational value and ones that teach more to your kids. Retain those that offer multi-use and encourage creative play in kids. As they grow older, these are the ones that will inspire your kids to think. 

4. Learn to let go:

It's often not the kids but parents that hold some toys close to their hearts. It might remind them of a special occasion or a milestone of their child or might be a treasured gift from a loved one. Remember- the idea is to de-clutter so you can breathe easy. Before you start- label 4 boxes or bags as 'donate', 'sell', 'trash' and 'keep' and remember to add only those that are absolutely essential in the last category! Broken toys make it directly to the 'trash'. Take a reasonable call on what goes to 'donate' (make sure they are in good condition) and add things to 'sell' only if you absolutely want to. 

5. Use transparent pouches:

This actually makes a lot of sense. Most of the time, kids end up searching for tiny, miscellaneous toys by throwing an entire basket down and with that, all the categorisation or organising takes a big step backwards. For all those little toys, that don't fit in clear categories, put them in transparent pouches and keep them in an accessible place- so your little ones know what they are reaching out for. 

Do remember:

  • Choose a day and time where you can attack the whole 'tidying up' thing in one go rather than prolonging it. Let's be honest- that never works! 
  • Make sure you drive home the point to the kids that what goes out from a box/bag comes back in once they are done with it. Start them young when it comes to cleaning up. You'll not repent it!
  • Ensure there is a rotation policy when it comes to your child's toys. Bring out some old stuff that they haven't played in a while and keep the new ones away for a little while. You will be surprised by the time they spend with the old ones that spark a lot of memories in their minds. 
  • De-cluttering is never easy. But relax and take it easy moms! Don't be too harsh or critical on yourself. Never helps!

So put this weekend to good use- and clean up your child's toy collection. Trust us- you will feel a lot happier and calm at the end of it all! 

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