6 Reasons You Need The KSP Book Club Subscription- Sign Up NOW!

We have chosen 6 out of the various other reasons that you need the KSP Book Club subscription to raise a reader. You in?

For those of you who are not yet aware, KSP Book Club, was built to unify the community of parents who are eager and looking to raise ardent readers. Over the years we have helped parents save ample time by curating what their child should read next.

Coz that is often the single most difficult decision parents of bookworms have told us about! Also, if your child just does not like reading- what is it can you do? Do we force and threaten them into reading? Certainly not. Do we start putting it up as a religious timetable? Most definitely not. What do we do in that case? We talk to experts and get you the answers for that on KSP Book Club.

And this year, we have launched the KSP Book Club Premium Subscription. At just Rs.999 for a whole year, you get a world of benefits. Don’t believe us? Read more in the link below.

Not convinced yet?

We have 6 reasons why the KSP Book Club Subscription is the best fit for your child (actually it’s more for the parent!)

1. Books, books, books- which one to pick? 

You are surrounded by an ocean of books in the children’s literary market. How do you know which one to get? We help narrow it down for you with our curated book list that is filtered by age and category. takes away a chunk of your time spent on Google, right? 

2. Is this book even right for my child? 

You see it on Amazon, you see it on other retail sites. It’s everywhere on Instagram. The new book that is just released is making news- but is it the right fit for your child? We review new books on the market to give you a clearer understanding of the book so your li’l bookworm (and you) have an idea of what to expect from a new title. 

3. What they said

On Kidsstoppress, we have had the fortune to interview a range of authors- both Indian and International and have shared them with you on our website and social media handles. We often revisit those conversations for the hidden gems these legends have said, and how that will help today’s parents raise better readers. We put it in a format you can read and view better. 

4. Fun activities to do with the kids:

Raising a reader needn’t always mean you sound like Hitler and nag your kids to pick up a book. To build their vocab and in general improve their love for words and reading, there are tons of activities you can do with them. Our editor suggests one every week that you must try! 

5. Indian vs International authors- no more!

Not just flying brooms and slaying dragons- your children can read stories rooted in our culture and our cities too! At KSP Book Club we share recommendations from the best of International authors as well as the best Indian authors who lift the kids’ lit scene!

6. Access to an exclusive video webinar with Mansi Zaveri

This is just a sneak peek. When you sign up you get exclusive access to the full video webinar on the common mistakes parents make when raising readers.

Convinced now? We are sure you must be! It is the first step you will be taking to raise your little reader.


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