7 Monsoon Craft Ideas To Try With Your Kids

It’s monsoon and the kids can’t go out to play. But that shouldn’t mean there’s no room for fun… it’s creativity time! Here are 7 awesome monsoon craft ideas.
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 It’s been busy raining all across the country and I think it’s a great time to teach our kids all about the monsoon season. In this edition, we have tried to pick elements that are unique to this season to make learning a lot more fun.

The activities will appeal to kids of all ages and if your child is older then don’t change the activity but just try and let him do it independently. If he is younger then tweak the portions just like we did.

1. Snail Mail:

One of the most obvious monsoon creatures and very interesting to create. We have 2 ideas and we love both of them. We also tried to emphasize the creature with clay to reinforce the learning. I like this one which makes a lot of fun with the secret letters that can go in the envelope. This activity can be tweaked by either painting it, adding coloured stones and glitter or even painting it with different colours. The team has a lot of options for snail art but this one is our favourite.

snail mail crfat

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2. Paper Plate Snail

The snail with a whole lot of sticking on a paper plate is great for toddlers and preschoolers. If you don’t have coloured paper just paint long strips and cut them for the little kids. I would definitely add the feelers to this activity by Kiboomu


3. Magazine Rainbow:

This one is a great idea to try either with coloured paper, magazine cutouts or just painted grains. It’s also a great way to teach your kids all about the rainbow, its colours, when it forms and who discovered the rainbow first. This one first appeared on Surfexcel.in

Rainbow sticking activities


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4. Frog Peg:

I love this one, I think it’s such a great idea to go with pegs. We use pegs to pin our favourite crafts in any case. These could now change basis the season and the topic you are learning with your kids. For more instructions on how to create your frog peg click here

Pin Frog


5. Paper Plate And Clothespin Rainbow:

This one is so bright and cheerful that it can make a rainy gloomy day a lot more fun. Plus it’s super easy. Click here to see complete instructions.

Sun rainbow

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6. Bottled Fireflies:

You will love doing this and while it looks difficult it’s not. All you need are a few glow sticks and an empty pet bottle. The rest you can create with whatever material you have at home. Use cloth for paper and buttons for googly eyes. Promise it’s going to be fun and very exciting when it glows in the dark. For complete instructions click here


7. Hand & footprint Peacock: 

After doing our handprint mermaid, this one seems super easy. You can increase the level of difficulty by letting your kids do it independently and by adding more details to the feathers. This one is for keeps! Click here for details


Last but not least. I love this corn idea: We can’t do monsoon season learning without ‘bhutta’ can we. While this is not for keeps I think it is interesting to do it from a feel and texture perspective. For detailed instructions click here


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