7 Parenting Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

We can’t keep giving excuses for some things that we unknowingly do or act with our kids. Are you guilty of these 7 parenting mistakes?

If you’ve been finding it a struggle to connect with your child, pause. Take a step back. Are you guilty of these parenting mistakes? Are you kids pushing you away? Do you feel a sense of irritation that they have against you? Do you think you are listening to what your kids are trying to tell you? As parents, we take our job of raising our kids to be amazing human beings with discipline, mannerisms and good etiquette. But in this process, are we putting too much pressure on them? Or rather exerting our power over them?

Are You Doing This?

Okay, now this is no blame-game. Parenting is tough and especially in the last 2 years, it has become tougher. But we can’t keep that as excuses for some things that we unknowingly do or act with our kids. These are just some things that we should keep in mind. Because we are dealing with children, who have tender hearts, and may get hurt or offended easily. And once that happens, we go on a free guilt trip.

Here Are 7 Parenting Mistakes To Avoid:

Are you always telling them what they did wrong? It’s a parenting urge to correct your kid, but we must avoid going overboard with it. Instead correct them in a positive tone. Yelling and screaming will only result in them resenting you. An sooner or later, your teachings might not hold value to them- which is dangerous.

Yes they are kids- but not dumb. If you silver spoon everything to them, they will get tired of it. Let them fall, get their hands dirty and then when they come to you- that’s when you tell them how it’s done or what to do. But if they are figuring out on their own, leave them be.

Now, here is something even we hated when our parents did this. Whatever you never did when you were young does not apply to the place where the world is in now. So, if you think you are inspiring- Nah, it’s just gonna bore them. Instead use better examples.

Are you that parent that half-heartedly hears their kids? I hope you know, you are never getting this time back. Once they grow up, there will be lesser stories to tell. So, cherish and listen to everything your kids tell you. Plus, you don’t want to be the example of unlimited screen-time to your kiddos!

No one likes this. Even as adults, we tend to avoid people who always have something negative to say. So, it shouldn’t be surprising why your kids is avoiding you. Constructive criticism is good, you are the parent it is your job. But, see to it that it is done in a way that doesn’t hurt them. Afterall, you are your kids’ biggest cheerleaders!

“Sorry” is one of the magic words. If you deserve to hear it, your kids do to. Parenting is a scale that should be balanced always in order to keep communication smooth. No one is the bigger or smaller person. If you treat you kid with respect and dignity, your kid will do the same.

You are the parent, and you do know better. Yet, repeating it a million times is not the way to go. Instead listen to what they have to say and then justify and explain your perspective. We are all learning.

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