These 7 Tips Changed My Breastfeeding Journey Completely

Breastfeeding can be a struggle for some and for others it’s a simple and automatic process. If you’re struggling, or you have struggled with breastfeeding your baby, you are NOT alone! Today Mansi Zaveri, Founder of Kidsstoppress shares 7 breastfeeding tips that can help any new mom ace her breastfeeding journey. Watch the video to more!

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I have breastfed both my girls for 13 months each. I was a working mother but I knew without a doubt that breastfeeding my kids was my number one priority. Their health and immunity were my primary concern.

Now breastfeeding is supposed to be easy. Put your little one to your breast and give them the warmth and nourishment they need. Well! Not always. 

A lot of people struggle to breastfeed and there are a number of reasons for it. In a lot of instances, stress, lack of sleep, not being sure if you are doing it right could be the trigger. Between lack of sleep and adjusting to the baby’s schedule, rising levels of certain hormones such as cortisol can dramatically reduce your milk supply. But what can you do about it?

If you’re struggling, or you have struggled with breastfeeding your baby, you are NOT alone!

We’re here to help with a few tips and tricks that every mom should know about breastfeeding. Today I am sharing breastfeeding tips that I know can help a new mom who is breastfeeding their newborn. My hope is that other moms will know that it is possible to struggle with breastfeeding and still have success. If you feel like you are ready to give up and just can’t breastfeed, watch the video. I am sure you will change your mind. 

Tip# 1 – Every mother rich or poor, fat or thin, fair or dark can breastfeed

Tip# 2 – Breast is best – the advantages outweigh everything else

Tip# 3 – Tell yourself – this is something only I can do

Tip# 4 – Every mother gets enough milk to feed her child

Tip# 5 – Don’t breastfeed in front of people you are not comfortable with

Tip # 6 – Your breasts are the magic kitchen for your little one 

Tip # 7 – It’s hygienic, unadulterated & ready to use

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We have also tied up with Effath Yasmin who is the founder/director of Nourish & Nurture Lactation Care & Parenting Education, in Mumbai and is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Get access to the course on Breastfeeding Basics- Tips To Get It Right.

Also you should definitely watch our video to know what you should be eating to boost lactation. Stay healthy by eating healthy!

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