7 Things Only Moms In A Joint Family Can Relate to

Check out what it means to be a mom living in a joint family. And raise your hand if you agree with us! 
indian joint family

If you want to describe a Big Fat Indian Family, it is very hard to say it in one word or a sentence. When one thinks joint families, it may seem like a burden to some and others may just think of it as people who are like your live-in buddies. A joint family means grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, siblings – everyone living under one roof. These homes are busy spaces where you are constantly adjusting to each other’s lifestyles – whether you like it or not. 

You may not be able to say it out loud, but some expressions are priceless when you are living together. Scroll down to see what it means to be a mom living in a joint family. And raise your hand if you agree with us! 

1. The Child Rescuer:

Grandparents jump to every occasion and protect their grandchild from everybody, even parents.

2. Spot The Diva:

You will always have that one aunt who’s the diva of the house. She will always look perfect and will never get her hands dirty in anything. When you ask her if she could help you resolve an issue at home, her answer is priceless.

3. Personal Space- What’s That?!

You have to say goodbye to personal space. Your clothes are not only yours, but your dining space is also shared, and the most annoying thing is when your aunt’s friends try to dig into your plate.

4. Unsolicited Advise- All The Way: 

Living in a joint family also means you get to hear unsolicited advise all your life. The worse part is, they wait for your reaction and expect you to do as you are told.

5. Cousin Love:

The fights you have with your cousins is just priceless. Sometimes, it goes out of hand too.

6. Babysitting- Never An Issue: 

The best part is that you can always leave your children behind because there’s always someone to watch over. And here’s the look if you do it too often.

7. Home Alone- Never!

You are rarely home alone. The best part about living joint families is that you can share how you feel all the time. Swamped by people, all the time!

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