8 Must-Knows About Potty Training Your Child To Keep Your Sanity

This is a big milestone in your baby’s life – potty training. We have a few recommendations about how you can go about making life easier for yourself .

My younger one is finally off the diaper and I can happily write this post today. When people asked me all through the summer holidays if she was potty trained I just shrugged and said “we are trying”. The truth is we did nothing. I know you might find it hard to believe that but it’s the truth. Kids don’t want to be in diapers all the time, especially in India. It’s uncomfortable. A lot of people recommend rewards, treats or goodies but I don’t think it’s important to reward every behaviour. Ofcourse appreciating their efforts is important so it enhances their self esteem but nothing more than that.

So when new moms or first time mom’s want to know what’s the trick to potty training then here is what I would recommend:

1. Don’t stress and be anxious:

Potty training is not the biggest battle you need to fight and it’s really no rocket science. Yes you need to follow routines and take effort but really it’s just that. If you are going to be stressed and anxious the results aren’t going to come any sooner. Instead you will just pass on the anxiety.

Potty training_judging by other mothers

2. Start early: 

When I say start early I only mean that get them use to the idea of sitting on the pot the minute you feel they are comfortable sitting by themselves. Always be by their side though, you don’t want accidents. This gets them to understand that this is how it’s going to be and these are rules. Just like the high chair or the car seat.

potty training_startearly

3. Follow the routine:

Follow your child’s routine and understand when he/she really feels like it and is ready. Don’t shove it down their throat that you have to sit. There will be good days when they want to just hop on the seat and days when you will fight it. But it’s important to get them use to the concept of sitting on the pot.

potty traiing routine

4. Respect your child

I always believe that we as parents need to respect our kids way more than they need to respect us. They are growing up in an environment where they don’t know much and are just looking for validation around. The minute you humiliate or shout saying, “gosh, what did you just do? Are you crazy? This just sends a message of “I cant make mistakes. The next time the child will quietly go and do it in a corner where no one is watching him/her. He is scared of the humiliation.

potty training_mistakes

5. It’s not a race:

Don’t worry if the other kid’s reach the milestone faster and the moms are freaking you out. As far as it’s not an extremely delayed milestone that is a cause of concern you don’t need to worry. So stop comparing your child and feeling bad about not making it in time. Stop doubting your parenting capabilities.

potty training_i am better


6. Accidents happen:

When there are accidents which there will always be don’t panic and never stop carrying that extra change till they are about 5 or 6. Again if it happens it’s done and there is nothing you can do to reverse it so stop sulking over it. You never need to feel embarrassed or justify to friends on why it happened.

potty training_keep trying

7. Don’t be lazy:

It does take effort to potty train and once the kids want to give it up don’t be lazy and say just wear the diaper today. At home let them be without the diapers and take the effort to take them to the washroom when you know it’s time.

Potty training keep going on

8. Day Potty training is different from nights:

When your kids are ready to give off the diapers during the day it may not be the same time the night diaper will go off too. The night diaper goes off much later and you need to ensure they pee before and maybe once in the middle of the night or before your bed time to last atleast 7 hours. So don’t rush both of them at the same time.

potty training_night time

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