A 12-Year-Old Shares How & Why Parents Need To Stay Calm

Through the eyes of a 12 year old girl. It could help you deal with your teen better!

Each of us has been faced with continual obstacles, and we’ve been hanging onto them by a thread, attempting to cope. As teens, we have our own challenges, but parents throw more into the mix and we bottle up our emotions continuously.

We can’t manage our emotions as a result of hormonal changes, and we become aggressive, which leads to another conflict with a parent. There are constantly illogical arguments generated, whether it’s about our privacy or screen time and how it’s the root cause of every problem, whether it’s a stomach ache or a bad grade (which simply doesn’t make sense).

“Mom, Dad, please stay calm, especially during such difficult situations.”

Since most parents have never had to deal with online schooling, it’s been difficult for you to empathise with your children. I don’t think you realize how much pressure the teacher or even you are unknowingly putting on your kids. The constant influx of activities, assignments, or tests, for example, can become exhausting and tiresome after a while,

At times like these, we need comfort and assistance, not anger. Anger and quarrelling don’t really solve issues rather, they aggravate it.

Putting aside the severe difficulties, there are some amusing interactions between the children and their parents.

One of the most typical situations we experience is when parents are uninformed about their children’s schedule and will incessantly keep calling out for lunch or breakfast amusing the teachers and classmates alike. “Mom chill I’m in class!” is probably one of the most used phrases by us. 

We are trying to study and concentrate but you are always trying to talk to each other or us when we are doing so. And let’s not talk about the constant clatter of steel and glass dishes in the background if you live in an Indian household.

To sum up, parents you really should be a little more sympathetic and probably even indulgent with your children and try to see things from their perspective and understand what they’re going through.


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