A Brother’s Love: Folktale from China

How do you measure a brother’s love? Let this heartwarming story set the tone for Rakshabandhan!

Rakshabandhan has got to be one of my favourite festivals. Not only does it have the most special meaning but it can take on many shapes and forms and adapt itself to any situation — brother and sister, only sisters, only brothers — Rakshabandhan is special for everyone. No matter the reason for celebrating the festival, there is no denying that it is a special time to spend with your family. 

That’s why today’s story comes all the way from China where they probably don’t celebrate Rakshabandhan but the story is perfect for this festival.

On today’s episode Madhumita Kapoor tells the tale from China about a brother and a sister and asks the question can a brother's love be measured? Tune in to this story to find out! 


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