A Child-Friendly Cafe That Must Be On Your Weekend To-Do List

Have you been to the Loft cafe with your kids? Here’s why you should.

My passion and craving for good food always lead me to hunt for new restaurants in the city. Sunday being a no-cooking day for me, we end up eating at some fancy restaurant with my LO. But as it turns out, she isn’t always in that perfect mood to go to a restaurant and si confined to a place and behave like a ‘good girl’! 

As parents, we prefer going to a place where we can all SIT in a place, enjoy our meal and head back. I am highlighting this. ‘coz as a parent, I have had to run behind my super active child all around the restaurant and by the time I get back to the table, my pasta has turned cold and the ice cream has melted into a milkshake. Sounds familiar? 

If you are on the lookout for a child-friendly restaurant that guarantees good food and happy experience, here is one I tried recently. Loft cafe at Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.

What’s special here:

To start with the interior of this place gives out such positive vibes and the Hyderabadi punchlines on their wall add the tadka to it. This place is designed keeping children in mind. They have a small bookshelf at one corner with books for every age group. They have a lot of board games. So while you want to have a peaceful dinner, the child can be involved in any book or game. So no screen time for LO which we usually do when she gets too much cranky and we have to finish our food without even biting it properly. Well, that’s one of the struggles in parenthood. agree? 

We loved the fact that the staff were very courteous to us and were super kind and good with the kids- however loud they were! Now, that’s what defines a child-friendly place- not those glares and the eye rolls that annoys a parent. And about the food.  

The menu is kid-friendly and honestly, with tantrums at bay, kids are going to love their food here! Their cheese garlic Hasselback was my personal favourite. Your kids will also love their range of pasta and milkshakes. 

So, I am saying:

If all you are looking for is a simple outing with the family, where the kids can be themselves and you can enjoy some peace and me-time (Isn’t what all moms aspire for?!), you will love this place! With great food and a fun time guaranteed for kids- that’s a win-win! 



Ground Floor, PKR Square Building, Rd Number 36, near Daspalla Hotel, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

Phone: 040 4858 0128


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