A Complete List Of The Best Alternative Schools In Mumbai

The concept of schools has really changed in the last two decades and parents are always on the lookout for alternate schools here’s a list for you dear parents.


There are many schools and avenues that have opened up in today’s times. From Montessori to Waldorf, to Reggio Emilia- there are a number of options that parents today have to consider before they enroll their child in a school of their choice. Here’s a list of the best alternative schools in Mumbai you may want to consider. 

1.Shree Ram Welfare Society’s School:

The school run by the Shree Ram Welfare Society is well known for placing a significant emphasis on character development and a comprehensive education. The school offers a supportive atmosphere for your kids to succeed academically, socially, and emotionally thanks to a committed faculty and a student-centered approach.

2.The Gateway School Of Mumbai:

Academic quality and individualized instruction are priorities at The Gateway School in Mumbai. Students’ ability to think critically, creatively, and solve problems is emphasized throughout the school’s extensive curriculum.

3.American School of Bombay:

A top-notch education is provided by The American School of Bombay, which blends exacting academic standards with a global outlook. The school offers a wide range of possibilities for students to pursue their interests and abilities while adhering to an American curriculum. The American School of Bombay promotes students to become engaged global citizens by having a varied student body and a richly cultural setting.

4.Activity High School:

Activity High School is renowned for its innovative instructional strategies and hands-on learning possibilities. The institution encourages students to take an active role in their education because it recognises the value of practical experiences. Students’ creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities are fostered at Activity High School through project-based learning and real-world applications of information.

5.School of Accelerated Learning:

The School of Accelerated Learning is committed to developing each student’s special skills and capabilities. The school uses an individualized approach to teaching, configuring the curriculum to fit each student’s unique requirements and learning preferences. The School of Accelerated Learning pushes students to realize their full academic and personal potential with a focus on accelerated learning and intellectual development.

Each of these institutions provides students unique educational options and pedagogies. When choosing a school that fits with their values and educational objectives, we as parents should take into account our child’s requirements, learning preferences, and unique strengths.

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