A Curriculum That Is Tailor-Made For Your Little Learners

Selecting a preschool that is a good fit for your child can be exciting and overwhelming. Check out Children’s Nook’s core principals and values.

Selecting a preschool that is a good fit for your child is a tough task, no doubt. Overwhelming and confusing at the same time. As a parent, we are excited about moving on to this big journey with our children and at the same time, we worry if our kids are ready. But how do we make this choice? Should we look at the legacy and the vision of the school? What other criteria should a parent have in mind?

Some specific questions that parents should ask at any type of preschool are what is the educational philosophy of the preschool? What is the educational background and qualifications? Do they learn the play way or do they introduce discipline from a very young age?

We spoke to Pinky Dalal, a pioneer for over 3.5 decades in the field of education and the founder of Children’s Nook. She spoke to us on the vision for her school that looks to address most of today’s parents doubts and queries.

What is Children’s Nook?

Children’s Nook is a preschool with multiple branches across the city.  They have developed their curriculum to create thinkers who can analyze and apply their knowledge to real-life, problem-solving situations.

What do they do differently?

Children’s Nook aims to prepare children to be themselves, confident, outspoken and happy. Their system and curriculum ensure that the children get an opportunity to emote and express themselves well. How do they do that? They encourage children to speak and try removing stage fright and nurturing the seed of effective public speaking which helps them to do well in any interaction. This is done through in-house events or events organized on a large scale at special venues.

That’s wonderful. Tell me more:

  • They believe in regular assessment and discussions that are customised for each child.
  • We love the fact that they believe in- “Education is not about training our mind to learn facts, but education is to experience and to train the mind to think”.
  • At their playschool, pre-nursery, nursery and Lower KG, they enhance the child’s development and love of music through song, dance, movement games and instruments. Active learning that is employed here helps raise better learners.
  • They have in-house curriculums that comprise integrated and theme-based learning modules with equal emphasis on co-curricular and extracurricular activities.
  • The pre-school focuses on physical and language development, creativity, social skills, emotional stability, fine and gross motor skills, cognitive development, general knowledge, mathematical skills, concept development, musical development and seminars for schools.
  • They believe in a strong parent-teacher relationship and train all their teachers so they can offer the best future for the kids – in a holistic manner.

To know more: Children’s Nook

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