A Mom Shares 7 Stories For Kids For 7 Days Of Lockdown

This mom turned her love for writing and kids into poem stories. Read them with your kids as she takes you through the first 7 days of lockdown.

Lockdown Day 1

It seemed like a normal day
Momo woke up early, all ready to play.

The sun shone bright in the sky
The birds chirped loudly on the branches, ready to fly.

Now Momo knew daddy and mommy would leave for work too
She had her day planned with her nanny, all the way through.

But to her surprise dad was at home
And she saw mom sitting on the sofa, waiting there, with the comb

‘Come here’, she said, ‘let me oil your hair’
‘It’s a lockdown, no one’s going anywhere’.

Momo didn’t know what a lockdown was
So mum explained about Coronavirus and what all it caused.

The school was closed, so was the playground
Now Momo and her family were all home-bound.

She sat there oiling her hair
Though she usually despised it, but today she didn’t really care.

Dad wasn’t busy but had all the time for his daughter
They played board games, even splashed water

Mom baked a cake, with chocolate chips
They gobbled it up, licking their lips.

Now 21 full days were filled with so much to do with mum and dad
The lockdown was the best thing one could’ve ever had

Lockdown Day 2

It was lockdown day two
Qairah was looking for things to do

She thought of playing with her dolls
But she had so many, nothing like you could have imagined at all.

They were the most beautiful you would have ever seen

Some were sparkly, with golden hair, some with brown braids so neat and clean

Some had blue eyes as deep as the sea

Some wore dresses as bright as could be

She was amazed at the collection she had
She didn’t know who to play with, so she went and asked Dad

Dad said, ‘pick up the one with whom you have never played’
And Qairah promptly obeyed

She realised, no one should be left out
Everyone deserves a chance, without a doubt.

But Qairah didn't find the perfect doll she was looking for

Until in one corner, she saw something she had never seen before

She had braids of black, pale coloured skin and clothes that were torn

But she also had a tiny little heart, the one with what she was born

This was the doll that Qairah loved most.

The one with whom she wanted to have some tea and toast

Zombie princess was her new name

And Qairah never cared from where she came

Qairah promised to hug her each and every day
Would share and would tell her anything she wanted to say


And soon the zombie princess's little heart started to beat

Every time their little eyes would meet

Because both of them could feel 

As their love for each other was real

So no matter how she looked or what she wore,

One thing was for sure

Qairah had changed Zombie princess's locked down day
And she hers.

Lockdown Day 3

It was lockdown day three
And mom and Dad were glued to the news on the TV.

They said the world was sad
The Virus was spreading fast, making things bad

But then Jo told them ‘imagine the world in a different way’
It would make them feel better at least for today.

So dad let his mind wander free
Pictured a world as beautiful as can be.

If mountains were made of chocolate fudge

Then the trees sprouted lollypops.

If clouds were made of candyfloss

Then the streets filled with sweets shops


If our home was made of gingerbread

Then blankets were marshmallow fluff,

If the lawns grew out liquorice

Then pillows made from all the good stuff.


What else would we ever want! Said Jo

What a wonderful world it would be!
Everyone so happy, so carefree.


If we could play from dawn to dusk

Then sing and dance all-day

If the scorching sun was a giant cheese ball

Then it rained gum drops all the way.


If cake and frosting was like bread and butter

The butterflies would spread their colourful wings and flutter
If the world was just one big playground
There would be no more social distancing around

If everyone gave hugs and kisses for free

So what if it was lockdown day three
What a wonderful world it would be!

Lockdown Day 4

It was lockdown day four
Kiki wanted to go out even more.

Her school had promised to take her to the beach to see some fish
And that was something she had always wished.

But it all got canned
Since going out was banned.

It was a bright sunny day
And no one was allowed even outside to play.

Kiki was in love with the sea
It always cheered her up, making her so happy, feeling free.

No beach, no fish no water,
But mom had some special plans for her daughter

She told Kiki ‘close her eyes’
As she had a surprise.

She had stitched up a costume for her
It had sparkles, glitter and even little pink fur.

Kiki wore it and looked into the mirror and shouted out with glee
‘Look, mom, I am a mermaid, as beautiful as can be’.
And Dad picked her up and took her towards the balcony.

There she saw a colourful rubber tub filled with water and all her toys
And started to play with them as they squeaked and made a funny noise.

It was her only wish
To see some fish.

The little mermaid locked down on day four
And this was better than the wish she had made before.

Lockdown Day 5

It was lockdown day five
The news on the TV was blaring, talking about ways to survive.

‘Buy only the essential things you need
Live a basic life, don’t give in to greed’

Anu sat on the sofa playing with her many dolls and makeup set
That’s when mom said, ‘I have an idea, better than this, wanna bet?’

She got the Lego out and started to build something nice
She took only a few pieces, they would suffice.

Was it a building or big tall towers?
Neither of those, but a quaint little farmhouse, with lots of flowers.

‘This is how we should live
Simple and easy with more to give’

‘But there’s nothing to do here’, Anu said

‘There’s no play area, no water bed’


‘I have no friends, no toys, no mobile phone

What will I do, I'm going to be all alone’.


‘I’ll get bored out of my wits

I need a bigger home with everything in it, please call it quits’.


‘Relax’ said dad, ‘there's so much to do’
He picked up a Lego cow and said, ‘you can feed them, hear them moo’,


‘Feed the chickens some grains

Wait and catch little fireflies at night, when it rains’.


Then Anu understood and added a tree
‘I can climb on it, feeling so free’

‘The birds will sing me a song,

Then I can sing along,’


‘I can jump in the muddy puddles

Then come to you for some warm cuddles’

‘I can enjoy my time here

For there is no fear’


Anu realised that a lockdown wasn’t a disaster anymore
Living a basic life would make you stronger at the core.

Lockdown Day 6

It was lockdown day six
Everyone’s minds had started to play tricks

Mom had now become the new cook
While dad was busy reading his book

We were bored out of our wits
When grandpa gave us a key and told us ‘guess where it fits?’

He also handed us a treasure map
With clues and riddles written on the flap

The key he gave us was rusted and old
And really heavy, as if it were made of gold.

Mimi and I were all ready to find the treasure
Apparently, it was grandma’s who had hidden it with pleasure

We wore our hats and went zoom zoom zoom
First searching around the dining room.

The next clue said,
‘It’s a place where you rest your head’

So we looked under our pillow to see
There was nothing but another clue telling us where the treasure could be

‘Looking for a missing link,
Check under the sink’
But there was nothing there, and then we saw grandpa wink

He said, ‘don’t be stressed,
You might find it where you get dressed’.

We looked inside the cupboard, to see
But nothing there fit the key

We looked all over the house for it
When grandpa said, ‘are you ready to quit?’

‘Looking for the final prize?
It will be there where you can see your own eyes’

So we ran to grandma’s old mirror table and opened the drawer
Found a beautiful box, we had never seen before

The key went right into it
And we found a small chit
With ‘Mimi’ and ‘Bobo’ written on it.

The box had old pictures of us with grandma
The little toys that she had made, and a small wooden car

This was grandma’s treasure that was locked down
But the moment it was opened, a lifetime of memories was found.

Lockdown Day 7

It was lockdown day seven
And mom said ‘it was so peaceful, just like heaven’

The streets were absolutely clean
The sea was so blue like you would’ve ever seen

We could hear the birds chirp with glee
The air seemed so pure and as fresh as can be

The newsreader talked about how the dolphins were swimming so close to the shore
And the deer from the forest were now walking freely around like they used to before.

Hearing this Jiko wanted to go to the zoo
But none of us could go out because of the curfew.

Jiko was bored and began to yell
When his sister, Lolo saw something on Google, that was really swell.

She typed in Jiko’s favourite animal and told him go stand there
Suddenly on the mobile screen appeared a big brown bear.

The 3D animal looked so real, with paws and claws,
It even made bear noises and opened his jaws.

Jiko was thrilled to see the bear in his home
And then he began typing in more animals so he could see them roam.

He made the hedgehog sit on dad’s head
And made a snake wiggle on mom’s bed.

The crocodile sat on dad’s laptop
While the white shark swam on mom’s mop.

The animals roamed so freely in our house
From the biggest one to the smallest mouse.

Had they entered our space or was it us in theirs?
What’s happened to us humans, no one ever cares

Seven days of lockdown for us was such a boon for them
Earth was getting less polluted, even new plants began to stem

A lockdown just for a few days had changed the city
Imagine if we had this often, it would make the world so beautiful and pretty.

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