A New Mom’s Guide To Returning To Work Post Maternity Leave!

With a tiny new baby at home, suddenly work seems to be the last thing on your mind. Maternity leave is often seen as a catalyst which makes this transition a smooth one, but there are times and episodes where things have gone haywire, leaving the new mother devastated. If you thought getting back to work after a long weekend was tough, then try getting back after maternity leave! If you are headed to work after seeing your little one crying and screeching at the daycare, it only gets worse. So plan ahead and try to get yourself and your little one on a good morning routine. Dropping your little one off at daycare and when you see your baby kicking and screaming to go to class is probably one of the toughest things a mom has to do. So, get into a routine of dropping her off at the daycare 3 or 4 weeks ahead of when you join work. Plan your nursingIf you are a nursing mother, get your baby used to bottle or spoon before you head back to work. Use technologyInvest in a good baby monitor or a nanny cam so you can check in and see your baby from work.
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