A Planner Your Little Champs Will Want To Follow- Download Daily Planner #4

The daily planner #4 to help you maximize your child’s day while having some fun.

We have been planning your child's day for you for a few days now. Are they enjoying the activity suggestions we give every day? Do they have fun listening to our podcasts? We want to make this lockdown easier for everyone. It's not easy being stuck at home.

Our point for structuring your child's day is so that you have some time on your hands to finish your tasks. Whether its to cook meals (BTW we have a great Meal Plan that you get every week in your inbox- sign up here ) or you need to get the house in some kind of order, if the kids are occupied it does simplify things, Yes! there are many who need to sit with their kids and do the activities which is why we have our podcast sessions so they can listen while you zoom around doing what you need to.

Let the morning session of exercise be a fun game of Simon says. Get them to hop on one leg or let Simon tell them to do 10 jumping jacks or do a few duck walks. A few laughs and some stretching is a good way to start the day right?

If you have suggestions of things we should include/exclude or do more of, please do talk to us. Write in to us at contribute@kidsstoppress.com. We'll definitely have a look at them.

This is a one-day no fuss, no rule planner that your kids can follow. Like it? Click here to download an entire week's planner, so you know what your kids are doing during this lockdown!

Your daily Planner #4 looks like this

Scroll down for links to activities

Healthy Brownie Waffles

DIY – Stars With A Torch

Watch The Trollhunters Trailer

Book Club Recommendation – Read to the review and you can buy as well

Oats Idli

Storytelling by Zayn & Zoe @4.45PM on Instagram – @zaynandzoeyofficial

Bedtime Podcast – Chutki Ullu Counts The Stars


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