Aesha Jhaveri | Bouncing Back To Work After 40 Days Of Delivery

The pain of losing your child is incomparable to any other pain you experience. But this isn’t a story of a tragedy, its one of hope and inspiration,

Pregnancy isn’t always easy for every woman. People don’t get that picture perfect situation of planning a baby, working throughout, and being able to bounce back. People don’t call this journey out the way it is. We forget to mention the sleepless nights, but we also forget to mention how it is the most beautiful journey.

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Few women have had to go through what Aesha went through. The pain of losing your child is incomparable to any other pain you experience. But this isn’t a story of tragedy, it’s one of hope and inspiration, as you’ll soon find out.

How She Did It: Aesha Shah Jhaveri

A full time teacher at an IB school, Aesha and her husband were excited and overwhelmed when they found out they were having a baby. The baby was unplanned and it was a bit of a shock but soon the couple prepared themselves for a life with the little one.

5 months in and their joy turned to sorrow with a miscarriage that would unsettle Aesha and her family. She had to go through the whole process, delivery and all. It was one of the worst periods of her life.

That didn’t deter Aesha from trying again. This time she took a break from work to conceive and soon enough she was pregnant again!

“We were ecstatic when it turned positive when I peed on the stick!”

By god’s grace, it happened the first time itself. It wasn’t difficult this time but came with many emotions.

The first pregnancy was difficult, It came with a lot of anomalies. The second time Aesha swore to do everything right and take all the precautions.

“We started in May and from January I started my folic extra vitamins and calcium to have a healthy pregnancy because we know what we went through in the first one”

Aesha resumed working and along with the assignments, subjects and the stresses of being a teacher she had to listen to people telling her not to work. “Take it easy”, “Go for yoga, or walks instead.” But Aesha knew what made her happy, it wasn’t Yoga or singing, it was teaching.

“I myself thought I need to take it slow. So I could enjoy my pregnancy because I missed it. I missed enjoying pregnancy and seeing my baby be born.”

Everything went smoothly until one day, she went into pre-term labour. She was taken to the hospital and the doctor gave her two options. Either go for a c-section or a complete bed rest for two months.

Knowing what happened that last time, Aesha did not want to risk anything. She wanted desperately for everything to go smoothly for her child so she decided to stay in the bed for the remaining months.

She was very worried if her daughter would be okay. She was a breach baby who had two loops around her neck. If she moved that loop could just choke her. They didn’t want it to happen all over again.

She didn’t sulk or feel irritated at this time. Her calmness and positivity remained unmatched as she went through every hurdle saying “You’ve got to take it in your stride and deal with it.”

Soon the baby was born and no joy on earth could compare to theirs when they finally held their baby in their arms. The first thing Aesha did was check to see if she had two arms two legs two eyes and a nose. She was worried throughout that something could’ve gone wrong but thankfully everything worked out just fine.

“It’s true what they say, God gives you those battles because he knows you’ll get through it.”

Within 15 days, Aesha started working on her new storytelling business. It allows her to keep doing what she loves, while she is taking care of the baby. A happy mother and a marvellous storyteller, Aesha is a true inspiration to moms everywhere.

Here’s a snippet of Aesha’s story. If you have a story that would break pregnancy stereotypes, don’t forget to write to us by emailing your story to [email protected]

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