After 8 Years Of Daily Fights And Turmoil, I Left My Marriage With My Son Kabir | Vani Kabir

From leaving her marriage to building a company that spans over 34 countries, here’s what drove Vani Kabir through it all.
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Entrepreneur, spiritual leader and a loving mom to her son Kabir, Master Vani Kabir is a true vision of inspiration.

From having the courage to leave her marriage to building a company that spans over 34 countries for her and Kabir, Vani shows us all that the universe may give us its challenges but we all have the strength within us to face it head on. We sat down with Vani to share her incredible story of resilience. Keep reading to find out how she got through one of the most difficult chapters in her life and came out the other side, triumphant.

This is episode 1/15 of a campaign by Kidsstoppress and Instagram celebrating moms who are balancing both business and motherhood.

What made her leave:

Vani was only 19 when she ran away from her house and got married to someone 15 years older than her. It was a love marriage and it was not what her parents wanted for her and trouble began as soon as the marriage began.

“We fought and argued daily, after 8 years of constant turmoil I left my marriage.”

Society wasn’t easy on Vani. Her parents had finally come around to her marriage and by ending it she knew they would be even more upset. At the time she wasn’t working and she wondered how she’d manage. All Vani knew was that she had to leave, for her and for her son Kabir.

Even at her lowest Vani knew she had made the right choice.

“I truly believed if I walked out of the marriage I would fix things instead of breaking them because the marriage was broken, it wasn’t the other way round. It was just a matter of facing the world, facing the parents. “

Coming from a lavish family, Vani found herself in a rented apartment with Kabir making ends meet. Getting through another day was an achievement on its own. Lost in the world with no support it seemed like the world was against her for a moment. But that’s when the universe gave her the sign that she was waiting for.

That’s when I had my spiritual awakening. Learning the readings, understanding the spiritual side of things. That helped us a lot.

Vani started her spiritual healing journey and left a decent paying job at an advertising firm to start her spiritual enterprise. This was in March 2019 when the pandemic hit. While everyone was closing their business Vani was starting hers.

But it was her spirituality that helped her get to where she wanted to be. Both Kabir and her were able to centre themselves and learn to accept and forgive without blaming the other person. No bitter words or feelings towards her ex-husband, Instead they looked within themselves to be able to move on in a healthy manner.

This does not mean Kabir didn’t miss his father-

After parent teacher meetings he would ask “Everyone brings their dads, why don’t I get to bring one? I told him “Superheroes don’t have dads, so do you want a dad or do you want to be a superhero?”

Of course he wanted to be a superhero.

There is a point in a relationship where you know it can be healed. And then there’s another when you know it can’t be. For Kabir and Vani, that divorce was one of the best things to happen to them.

Vani is now a super successful entrepreneur, doing what she loves in a company spanning over 32 countries. Her relationship with Kabir is stronger than ever and I think Vani hits the nail on the head when she says…

For us, divorce didn’t break our lives, it helped fix things instead.

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