Alia Bhatt Chats With Her Fav Moms About Something She Loves


If there’s one thing I want to teach my child, it’s the concept of sustainability, and how much waste is produced in the world. But I wonder if they would even understand what I’m talking about?

Sometimes I’ll look at the heap of toys in the room and I wonder why we glorify playing with so much plastic? Shouldn’t we teach our kids minimalism from Day 1?

Approaching topics like this one has always been a tricky one for parents, and at, we are always finding ways on how to bridge the gap by sharing current topic affairs, solutions to kids on how they can help the planet Earth, and more.

Recently, I got the chance to air out these questions and many more like them with Actress, Investor, Philanthropist and most recently Entrepreneur – Alia Bhatt when we chatted about her brand Ed-A-Mamma, a conscious clothing line for kids. We were joined by a panel of mommy bloggers – Aditi Khattar, Anandita Agarwal, Deepali Khilnani, Jane D’Souza, Kavita Baluni, Kerry Bajaj, Rohini Natti, Riddhi Deorah, Sonika Bhasin, and Shilarna Vaze who shared their own insights on parenting. We talked about it all.

● How they taught their children the importance of eating local food

● How to be the right role model and not overindulge because kids mimic our behaviour

● Positive affirmations

● Conscious living

● How to get inclusive with nature

● Using a tub to shower

● The importance of planting a tree, veggies, conserving electricity and so much more…

What I love is that Ed-A-Mamma is all about teaching the young beans of today how to be kinder big beans tomorrow. It’s a brand that cares. About children. About Mother Earth. And they’re dedicated to creating a world that nurtures in children a love of nature.

Whether it’s how to be kinder to one another, Mother Earth, the environment, or even to ourselves – kind is the new cool and Ed-A-Mamma is all about being both!

So what can the adults of today do to raise bacchas that create a greener tomorrow? Watch Alia Bhatt chat with these mammas of #MastiMakers as she sets out to learn what we all can do to be better as #ChildrenOfMotherEarth

Watch Alia Bhatt chat with the mammas of a few #MastiMakers as she sets out to learn what we all can do to be better as #ChildrenOfMotherEarth

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