Alternative Ways Of Learning. Here’s Why You Should Adapt To This Method

Alternative ways of learning retains the matter better and parents must adapt to this method at home. Mrs. Zarna Doshi, the co-founder and the joint principal of Little Palms School tells us how to fill the gaps and Divya Gokulnath – the co-founder of Byju’s tells us how she teaches her child math.

Teach your kids all concepts using everyday skills – Mrs. Zarna Doshi, the co-founder, joint principal, and curriculum head of Little Palms School 

As parents, we are struggling to teach our kids at home and there is a lot of learning loss. We aren't teachers, and we should stop trying to be. So what are we to do – enroll them in all the classes they require? Overexpose them to information, keep buying toys for each concept. The answer is very simple – teaching them through life skills and daily activities goes a long way. Don't you think they would retain this information better?

We recently interviewed Divya Gokulnath, the co-founder of Byju's about learning and she had a very wonderful insight. We couldn't agree more that the best way to learn math is from the everyday situation. The information retains well and the child resists learning when it is forced and not fun. 

Mrs. Zarna Doshi in her recent interview mentioned that you could push them on their physical development by making the climb steps in the building, doing animal jumps, and more. If you want to get hold of her suggestions for alternative learning, don't forget to click here and get a hold of it. 

Do let us know where you are struggling and how are you ensuring learning stays continuous at home by writing to us at [email protected]

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