Ansoo Gupta | Travel, Sustainable Living & Motherhood Can Co-Exist

Ansoo Gupta talks about how she traveled solo after kids and how she is not guilty about it. Listen to this podcast to know how to adapt to her sustainable lifestyle, to know how she taught her children through her journies and more.

who Misses Their Pre-covid Life, Which Means Travelling?

while Most Of Us Agree That Experiences Teach Children A Lot More Than Formal Education, All Of Us Are Stuck Indoors And Making The Most Of What We Can With Our Children. We Spoke To ansoo Gupta About Her Travels, Sustainable Living And Health On Raising Parents. While Some Parents Face The Eye Rolls For Working, Others Might Get It For Their Parenting Style. Ansoo Nails It When She Openly Says That She Needs To Travel Solo! Just Love Her Confidence And This Conversation That Is Super Real! On This Episode:

  • she Talks To Us About Why It Was Important For Her To Travel Solo. 
  • she Talks To Us About How To Avoid Travelling Packing Your Kitchen 
  • about How She Realized Sustainable Living Was Important To Her. 
  • how Traveling Is Education And She Wants Her Children To Experience Everything She Has

and More…


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listen To This Podcast And You Will Get A Sense Of Direction On A Few Parenting Choices You Would Like To Make For Your Children

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