Apps For Kids That Will Make Lockdown Time An Opportunity To Learn

With new friends, new classes and lots of new concepts to learn, kids can sure do with some help from us in teaching and inspiring them to learn new things, the fun way!

Social distancing has ensured schools remain shut for long periods across the globe. But that doesn't mean your child's learning should stop. We do a round-up of the best apps in the market for your kids age-wise that help them learn concepts and subjects better so they don't suffer any learning loss. 

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About the bundle: 

  • We do a round-up of the best 35+ apps in the market for your kids age-wise that help them learn concepts and subjects better so they don't suffer any learning loss. 
  • We curate the best learning, language, coding and entertainment apps for your kids that you must give a chance this summer skids can learn something useful in a fun and controlled setting.
  • From word games to math to science to learning a new language- this exhaustive list has them all. Go ahead, and access it now! 

We give you a sneak peek of what's in the bundle here- so go ahead, scroll down and take a look at 7 of our favourites. You will find 35 more in the premium bundle! 



1. Khan Academy Kids:

Age: 2-7 years

With interactive video lessons, and even daily schedules to help your kids sail through social distancing, Khan Academy has opened up their resources for FREE so your kids can learn many new concepts. Khan Academy is an educational nonprofit with free, interactive learning materials for students and free tools for teachers and parents Khan Academy Kids is a popular choice among parents for their interactive and personalised app that makes learning all about the joy for kids. 

Download here: iOS Android 

2. Epic!

Age: Under 12 years 

One of the best digital library for kids with more than 35000 ebooks, audiobooks, videos and quizzes that your kids can use to make their learning time a fruitful one. Supports both online and offline reading. 

Download here: iOS Android 

3. Quizlet Flashcards & Homework:

Age: 4+

This app lets kids study, practice and master what they’re learning by creating their own flashcards or choosing from millions created by more than 50 million students who use the free app monthly. 

Download here: iOS Android

4. Mr. Thorne's Maths Universe

Age: 5-11 years

This app is a compilation app of the brand's previously released 4 apps such as Addition SpaceStation, Subtraction Galaxy, Times Table Terra and Divide and Conquer. Suitable for kids from age 5- 11 years. Priced at Rs 299, this app helps teach your kids the basic math concepts in a fun way with great graphics and astro-themes.

Download here: iOS

If you are looking for more fun math apps for kids, check out what we have listed here. 

5. DIY Sun Science:

Age: This is a free app for your budding scientists. This app teaches your kids great ideas for fun science experiments and activities for that they can try on any day with parents. This top-rated app inspires your child to learn and try out new things and have fun at the same time.

Download here: iOS

If you are looking for more fun science-based apps for your kids check out our recommendations here. 

6. Hopster Coding Safari

Age: 4+

Rated for kids aged 4 years and above, this free app in a game format engages your child in computational thinking, through basic coding techniques such as Decomposition, Pattern Recognition, Abstraction, Algorithms.

Download here: iOS

If you are looking for more fun apps for your kids to learn coding, click here. 


7. Memrise: Language Learning

Your child will almost think that they are playing a game where they are protecting the languages of the world from evil forces at work! That's the underlying theme with which this paid app is built that teaches your child more than 20 languages. In addition to teaching you new words and sentences in the preferred language the app also helps you set an alarm so that you don't miss practising it daily!

Download here: iOS Android

If you are looking for more options for teaching your kids new languages, check out our earlier list of best-recommended apps here. 

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