Are Household Chores Really Just A Woman’s Job? Here’s A Common Mistake Every Parent Makes.

Is cooking and cleaning just a woman’s job? How do you teach your sons to share the load? This brand tells you how!

It is a very common story and one that has definitely happened to someone we know. The other day my son almost blurted out that cooking is a “mamma’s job” and that’s what sent alarm bells ringing. 

In India, women proudly wear many hats and silently struggle with it — they are homemakers, mothers and professionals making a mark in their chosen field.  How many times have we felt like we could do with just an extra pair of hands?  

Ariel, India’s leading detergent brand found out that there is a silent revolution. 
As mothers, there are many things we can do to wipe out gender stereotypes completely. If we call ourselves a generation of empowered women and informed mothers this is the least we can do. The Ariel ad is a global movement now, one from which India cannot afford to be left out. 

After an independent survey Ariel finds out, 
 •     72% of women believe that weekends are for groceries, laundry and getting chores done
 •     68% of Indian men believe that weekends are to rejuvenate
 •     68% of women come back from work and do laundry regularly and only 35% men contribute and help
 •     40% of Indian men don’t know how to operate a washing machine.
 •     In 2015 79% men thought household chores were a women’s job and in 2018 this number was reduced to 52% after the campaign.
 The first step begins here, by sensitizing children that household chores have nothing to do with women and it needs to be respected and valued just like any other work.
We urge all mothers to stand up for this wonderful cause and bring our daughters the equality they deserve.

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