Are Millennial Parents Hurting Their Instincts To Raise A Data-Bred Generation?

is your parenting style different from how your parents raised you? Mansi Zaveri of KSP shares her views on millennial parenting in her first column in The Week. Stay tuned for her next column!

As a parent of 2, I have to say the parenting journey has been a road uphill complete with speedbumps and pitfalls. We all want to be good parents and stand by our kids and we all try our best. 

Good parenting, parenting styles and general childcare are actually a relatively new phenomenon. The scientific interest in parenting or what is the best mode to raise a child’ has come about in recent years. At Kidsstoppress we believe that there is nothing called good or bad parenting. Every parent struggles to do their best. We know our child best and we need to trust our intuition.

KSP Founder & CEO Mansi Zaveri has recently written her first column for The Week about parenting. She shares 

My parents never spelt out their duties, but worked to make us their priority. The strongest memory of my childhood was that my parents were there for me despite working, and I felt secure. 

We often ask ourselves why is it so hard to parent today? Was it always difficult? The answer is probably yes! But our parents did things differently. Parents today tend to complicate the whole parenting thing with unnecessary comparisons and mar the joys of childhood. What do you think?

Mansi explains what she feels about parenting today

As an early millennial parent, I perhaps miss the trial and error of parenting with the art of having a sure-shot answer to every solution. We rely more on technology to give us answers and they seem to pacify us more than what our parents tell us. 

You can read Mansi Zaveri's full column in The Week on DIY Parenting here to get an insight into what it all means to her.

What is your take on parenting today – is it different from the way your parents raised you? Talk to us in the comments below or email us at [email protected] and tell us what you think could be different.  

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