Are We Doing This With Our Pre-schoolers, Asks This School Principal


You thought your child would know his/her phonics but struggle to get the learn because there is no physical school?

Yes, the pandemic has thrown learning out of the window, and feeling of helplessness creeps in more than we feel like. I felt that I was failing as a parent as well. I was getting worried about how my child will manage in big schools when physical school starts because there will be no hand-holding. 

You must remember – all of us are in the same boat. You need to be patient and remember parents make the best teacher. Yes – they are missing out on school, but parents must fill in the gaps at home.

We spoke to Mrs. Zarna Doshi, the Joint Principal, Co-Founder, and Curriculum Head of Little Palms School, Mumbai last week. We had interested parents sign up for this webinar and over the 90 minutes, we had some wonderful insights from Mrs. Zarna and some interesting questions from parents that she answered patiently. 

Here are some of the topics Mrs. Doshi touched upon:

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