Are We Guilty Of Doing This For Our Children?

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A report by the National Family and Health Survey 5 (NFHS 5) released by the Ministry of Health in 2019-20 indicates that there is a drastic rise in obesity in children under the age of five in 20 states out of 22 where the survey was conducted.

Aren’t the statistics just shocking?! Exposure to constant advertising of non-healthy food, binge eating and social manipulation has led to this situation. The impact of advertising & marketing on our kids is huge.

To address this situation people from across the country like ICMR, professors from international organizations, and heads of leading organizations will be getting together on this webinar to discuss – Let’s Fix Our Food.

Mansi Zaveri, Founder of Kidsstoppress has also been invited to be a part of the panel discussion and will be talking about healthy food habits and how we try and do that as Kidsstoppress.

The KSP Meal Plan is our endeavour to help you invest in your family’s health. By planning your meals down to a tee, you cut out so much junk from your daily lives.

We have everything broken down for you – from breakfast, school snacks, lunch to bus snack, evening snacks and dinner. Of course, we all have our moments of indulgence and rightly so. But if you are on track for your meals and snacks it simplifies your life as well as a parent, right?

The Meal Plans Subscription programme is priced at Rs 499 for a full year and besides the meal plan with 30 meal ideas every week you also get access to recipes, a seasonal grocery list, tips and hacks that we have tested and a lot more!

Register for the webinar – Let’s Fix Our Food

Event Date: 19th May 2022

Time: 2.45-4.45 PM

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